How Sports Venues Can Increase Efficiency with Automation Technology

New technology and automation are changing fan experiences at venues and stadiums unlike ever before. Now, these venues and teams are using beacons, digital innovation and apps to improve player performance, operations and fan experiences. Some of the automation technology options that are enhancing everyone’s experiences at venues and stadiums can be found here.

Mobile POS (Pont-of-Service)

There are several event venues and stadiums that have already begun using mobile POS systems. This allows them to have hundreds of different vendors selling merchandise, food and drinks from any location, without having to make fans stand in line or get up from their seats. With mobile POS systems in place, vendors have a secure and fast connection making sure sales are handled on the spot.

Touch Screen, Digital Kiosks

These are extremely innovative, state-of-the-art, digital kiosks that are found in a number of large venues. In addition to assisting fans in locating venue maps, vendors, amenities and restrooms, the kiosks can be used for purchasing merchandise, upgrades and even placing food or beverage orders.

Massive HD Video Screens

In the past, large digital screens were thought of as an extravagance; however, today, they are considered a necessity. Not all venues can have a 190 foot screen (which is three quarters of the length of a football field) like Jordan-Hare Stadium in Auburn. A more efficient option is to have several smaller screens spread throughout the venue so that fans have the ability to watch HD live streams of the game – even if they are going to the bathroom or waiting in line for a beer.

High-Speed Cameras

There are a number of other new products, as well, that are becoming more popular, such as the high speed selfie cameras. With these, it makes it easier than ever before for fans to take selfies at games and in stadiums. The cameras can be installed in several different locations and can capture photos of all the fans in the venue – at the same time. In fact, they are designed to take up to one million photos during each and every game. Venues can also program the cameras to take a picture during game highlights to capture the reaction of the audience.

While most people have heard of automation technology being used for homes, it is also a viable part of virtually every business and organization today. It can make processes more efficient and help create a more enjoyable experience for everyone. If you own or are in charge of any type of event venue or stadium, considering the automation options listed here is a great way to make your location more appealing to fans and event attendees.

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