Benefits of Building a Smart Home from Scratch

Building a new home is an exciting time. You get to decide all the small features of the home, where you want the pantry and what color you want the walls to be. However, while you are building, don’t forget about the other factors that can make your life easier and more convenient. With smart technology for homes being “all the rage” today, it only makes sense to build your home with these features in mind. While you have the option to install smart lighting, climate control and security once the home is built, having everything built in offers several advantages and options. Learn more about this here.

Smart Lighting

When you are building a new home, you can have a centralized lighting system built into the electrical system. You can think of this as being an electrical panel that is dedicated to just your whole-home lighting. With this in place, you can move your lighting controls wherever you would like, such as to a utility room or closet, which allows you to replace banks of switches with elegant keypads.

You don’t have to worry about figuring out what switch goes with what light anymore, either. The keypad will be labeled and easy to use for everyone.

Multi Room Audio System

Being able to listen to your favorite song in your entire home is great and something everyone your family can enjoy. It is a good idea to think ahead and make a plan to add a two-channel audio system for music in living areas, eating spaces and bedrooms, or even a five or seven channel audio to watch movies. When you do this, you can install your speakers discretely without all the clutter of having to keep them out in the open. Also, you can control what rooms the speakers are installed in to create a seamless and spacious sound in all rooms.


An integration that is often overlooked when creating a smart home is various security solutions. It is pretty common for new homes to have this type of system installed, but the result usually isn’t something that is versatile or small, leaving a large and unsightly keypad on the wall. Also, it won’t typically integrate with the latest recording and security equipment.

Now there are options to have interior and exterior cameras integrated in the hardwiring of the home and controlled by a centralized system. Even better, you can have these features hooked to your oh-so-convenient remote or wall pad where you can control everything with ease.

When you integrate your smart home features when your house is being built, it will save you quite a bit of hassle down the road. Make sure to keep this in mind to ensure your home is as tech-advanced and convenient as possible.

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