Benefits Offered by a Dedicated Touch Screen

Just a few short years ago, something referred to as the “app” was created that completely changed the way people interacted with the electronic systems in their home. With just a tap and swipe, homeowners could use their smartphones to control virtually everything in their house, from the light switches and thermostats, to the garage door and more.

While this was extremely convenient, it was also seen as a fun and “cool” way to handle otherwise mundane tasks. However, with so much hoopla around the control apps that are now available, some people have forgotten about all the benefits offered by a dedicated touch screen.

Advantages Offered by Using a Dedicated Touch Screen

You should not forget about this tried and true mode of controlling your home. A dedicated touchscreen, which is available in various sizes, offers a plethora of benefits that other interfaces simply can’t match.

The user interface that is on the touchscreen offers you quite a bit of information about your home, all in high resolution, making it easy to see and use. With this device you can review the settings of your home’s thermostats and the lights, receive alerts or reports about electronic door locks and even find out what the weather is like at your house if you are away. All this important information is right at your fingertips and organized in a way that makes it easy to read and use.

New Features Being Added to Dedicated Touchscreens

With the evolution of new technology and innovation, there are new features being added to the dedicated touchscreen device all the time. Some of the most recent include a microphone that offers voice activated controls, hi-fi speakers and an HD camera. The user friendliness of the device remains high and each new function has helped to make the dedicated control device even more valuable and powerful.

Unmatched Convenience

The convenience offered by a dedicated device to control everything in your house is not something that apps can match. You may not have the ability to carry the control device in your pocket like you can with your phone, but with the dedicated device, you will always find it right where it was left – never lost in the abyss of your couch cushions or misplaced by a child. This means you can control everything with ease and not have to search high and low to find the device that puts you in charge.

If you are thinking about adding an automation system to your home, or updating the system you currently have, you should request the touchscreen control panels. When you position them in convenient locations in your home, such as the living area, kitchen and foyer, you will have easy and quick access to manage, control and monitor your home environment at all times.

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