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The professionals at Teague iCtrl can create and install a home network tailored to your lifestyle that provides secure, reliable, and fast connectivity with more access points for larger homes, so that you can enjoy all of your connected activities without interruption. The benefits of a custom home network designed by us include:

Reliable Connection – For larger homes, wireless signals can be unreliable with multiple users and for areas furthest away from the router. Adding more access points can extend the reach of your wireless signal and increase available bandwidth. Our knowledgeable team will install these in locations that will give you optimal performance despite physical barriers and distance from your router. Imagine moving from room to room, or even outside, and never losing network connectivity.

Multiple Devices – Multiple devices connected simultaneously can bog down your network connection. The team at Teague iCtrl can assist in increasing connectivity, without interruption, for all your high-performance devices allowing you to enjoy gaming, streaming movies or working from home effortlessly, in a user-friendly wireless network designed for multiple types of data, video and audio.

New Home or Existing Home - Whether your home is new construction or retrofitting into an existing home, a single-family home or a multi-dwelling unit, our team offers an unparalleled selection of networking options. In addition, we offer and install audio, video, smart TV’s and speakers and lighting control options customized to your needs.

Control4 - Make the most of your new networking, consider the ultimate home automation experience. Control4 will conveniently control all your electronic devices, set to a schedule designed around your lifestyle.

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