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Outdoor Entertainment

In tune with today’s lifestyles, let Teague iCtrl help you create an idyllic outdoor entertainment space that will create the perfect outdoor environment for entertaining guests, relaxing with your family, enjoying movie night under the stars, or moving your home office outdoors for much needed fresh air and sunshine.

 Here’s what we can off you:

TELEVISIONS – Our weatherproof televisions are designed to withstand the elements and will enhance your entertainment space by allowing you catch your favorite program, watch movies, and enjoy your favorite sports team with friends.

HOME NETWORKING/OUTDOOR ACCESS POINTS – Whether streaming movies, music to entertain friends or taking that Zoom meeting poolside, let us extend your home networking to include your outdoor space with secure, reliable, and fast connectivity without interruption.

HOME AUDIO – Our high-quality all-weather speakers can stand up to the elements and can be placed through your outdoor space, including flower beds, at the corners of your patio and even in trees, seamlessly disappearing into the landscape, giving you vibrant full-coverage sound, zoned for the areas that you are entertaining in. We can design an audio “Sound-Scape” that will deliver consistent volume levels with optimal tonal balance, preventing audio “Hot-Spots”. Our experienced professionals know where acoustic barriers are needed, so that neighbors aren’t disturbed, locating speakers to ensure optimum sound.

AUTOMATED LIGHTS AND LIGHTING CONTROLS – Nothing ruins a perfect outdoor experience when entertaining like the wrong lighting. Our professions can design lighting schemes custom tailored to your lifestyle with control devices that will allow you to change lighting effects at the touch of a button. You won’t have to worry any longer about lighting that is too harsh, too dim or misplaced and highlighting the wrong areas of your outdoor space.


For the ultimate outdoor entertainment experience, out Control4 system can fully automate all your entertainment devices all at the touch of a button, giving you and your guests the very best in home automation and outdoor entertainment.

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