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Set to raise and lower with the changing light of day, motorized shades are an integral part, and one of the best investments for your smart home or business. They mitigate the sunlight during the heat of the day, lowering utility costs while not blocking the view, giving you privacy from the outside and protecting your home interior from damaging sunlight. This is all done hands free and fully automated.  You can set them to open in the early morning, close during the heat of the afternoon, then reopen just in time to view the sunset, only to close again after dark for privacy.  

Our design team can help you chose the right shade for your home or business. They come on a wide variety of fabric colors including shades with solar protection that filter out damaging sunlight, decorative fabrics, and blackout fabrics for complete privacy. In addition, our shades will easily blend into any window when rolled up.  

All shades can be controlled by either keypad, integrated with smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa or invest in our compatible Control4 Home Automation system for the ultimate shading control.

Contact our team of professionals at Teague iCtrl today to help you select the perfect automated shade to fit your individual needs. 

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