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The Role of Automation in Caring for Your Loved Ones

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Modern advances in home automation products are making it easier than ever to feel safe in your own home, to automate everyday tasks and to gain insight into your behavior. However, all these “smart devices” are much more than just fun gadgets. In fact, for the elderly, they also offer independence and freedom.

There are several advanced security devices, such as streaming cameras and digital door locks that allow seniors to remain in their homes longer. There are also innovative tools, such as automated stoves and carbon monoxide detectors that can provide an alert to caretakers to possible hazards.

Learn more about how smart home automation can help you care for your family members here.

Web Connected Security Systems and Monitoring Devices

There are several Wi-Fi integrated monitoring services available today. These have been designed specifically for the elderly population. There are several options that provide comprehensive information regarding your loved one’s activities, as well as the ability to get in touch virtually at any time.

With this type of home automation system in place, you can even integrate motion sensors and security cameras, so you receive an alert if a window or door is left opened, or if there is movement in certain parts of the home.

Voice Controlled Lighting

If a senior falls, it can have devastating consequences. In fact, it has been shown that up to 90 percent of all hip fractures occur due to a fall. While there is no way to eliminate the possibility of a fall completely, precautionary measures, such as proper lighting, can help significantly.

The bad news is, lights that are hard to use or located too far away from the entrance of a room present just as many hazards as they help to prevent. Also, declining eyesight in your loved one can make the problem even worse. Now, you can have voice-controlled lights installed. Think “the clapper” but lights can be activated simply by your loved one saying the “key word.”

Remote Control Access

Does your elderly loved one live alone? Or, do they live with you, but you work all day, so they are alone in the house? If so, installing door locks, thermostat controls and other features that allow you to control things remotely can give you peace of mind. Worried you left the door unlocked? Lock it from your phone. Did a cold snap suddenly move in? Turn up the heat at home with your tablet.

The features and tools here can make your life easier and ensure your elderly loved one is safe and happy. It can also help them remain a sense of independence. If the smart home features listed here are appealing, then now is the time to speak with the professionals and begin the process of having them installed.

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Nathan Blackburn
Nathan Blackburn
Feb 27

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